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Densi + Anti Microbial

Protection for new or old concrete…!

DESIGNED FOR…. Nursing homes, hospitals, mortuaries, dairies, stables, animal shelters, boarding kennels & catteries, veterinary rooms, swimming pools, sauna rooms, piggeries, freezer and cool rooms, show grounds…

With all of the same benefits of our original product Densi Crete with an anti-microbial additive that restricts the harbouring of dangerous microbes, bacteria and disease. A one coat spray on system that deeply penetrates (up to 100 mm and beyond) into the matrix of the concrete providing permanent waterproofing and concrete sealing. It will withstand a minimum of 35 m of hydro-static pressure and can be effectively applied on the positive or negative side of concrete structures.

Densi + Anti-Microbial will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydro-static pressure leakage) to permanently stop water / free moisture leakage. There is minimum site disruption, allowing other trades to be able to work in the area within 1 hour of installation without compromise to the product. Densi + Anti-Microbial is user friendly, environmentally safe and is a one time permanent application.

Moisture Barrier


  • Restricts the growth of mould, microbes & deep seated disease.
  • Permanently waterproofs new or old concrete.
  • Purges out years of contamination and odours from old slabs.
  • Tested to 35mtrs of Hydrostatic pressure and 70 mtrs in the field.
  • Protects against urine and chemical ingress.
  • Will accept floor coverings or coatings after 24 hours.
  • Early access, trafficable in 1 hour, minimum disruption.
  • Environmentally safe and user friendly.
  • Permanently improves the strength and integrity of your concrete.
  • Non Toxic, Zero VOC, Non-Flammable & Environmentally Safe


CRACKS can be a major problem for the installer. Often installers are asked to take risks and responsibility for repairing cracks that should be referred to the engineer or builder for a recommended crack repair procedure. This is especially the case in regards to structural cracking where the void is the full depth of the concrete. Densi Crete should always be applied first before applying any crack repair system. More often than not, cracks do not penetrate the entire slab and are only micro or surface cracking caused by rapid surface drying or plastic shrinkage. These would not affect the efficiency or the result of Densi Crete. It is worth noting that Densi Crete is not designed or makes claim to repair cracks, however there are many applications where moisture has migrated through cracks of 1mm that have been permanently eliminated.

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