Leading Concrete Protection Systems

Lustre Crete

High Quality, Environmentally Friendly Concrete Coating

Lustre Crete is an extremely tough water based coating for concrete and other masonry surfaces. It offers the ultimate in stain resistance & UV protection, giving a satin to gloss finish. It is a high quality, semi penetrating coating that repels water and is oil resistant. When fully dried/cured it develops into a durable, flexible and breathable film which adheres tenaciously to clean bare masonry surfaces, including concrete and render.

Lustre Crete helps to maintain cleaner surfaces and preserve the original appearance of the treated surface for a much longer period of time. Lustre Crete prevents the penetration of water, liquids and other contaminants into the treated surface and can be buffed to a high shine.


  • Water based, environmentally friendly
  • Prevents the penetration of water, liquids etc
  • Maintain cleaner surfaces
  • Improves fungus and mildew resistance.
  • Significantly retards efflorescence
  • Tough breathable membrane coating
  • Easy to apply
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