Repeller | Penetrating Sealer for a Variety of Masonry Substrates …

A water based penetrating concrete sealer for the impregnation of mineral construction materials to make them water repellent & oil resistant. Repeller develops its water repellent properties by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The active substance formed from the masonry water repellent is a polymeric siliconate.

It can be used to impart water & oil resistance to highly porous materials as stated below. Repeller assists in maintaining aesthetically pleasing surfaces by preventing liquid or contaminate ingress, enhancing & preserving the treated materials original appearance and integrity.

Concrete | Plaster | Stucco | Clay | Limestone | Slate | Tile | Brick | Pavers | Grout | Man Made Stone |


  • Invisible “Natural Look”
  • Reduction of water adsorption.
  • Reduction of efflorescence.
  • Reduction of lime erosion.
  • Reduction of water borne dirt pick-up.
  • Reduction of chemical vapour corrosion.
  • Reduction of frost damage.
  • Reductions of mildew, moss, and lichen growth.
  • Stable in high alkalinity substrates (block, calcium silicate bricks & sandstone)


Caution with all silane/siloxanes/siliconates as they can cause a white deposit on colored surfaces

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